Lacey Smith

But carefully consider your rebellion…

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Yesterday I wrote on how we need to re-frame rebellion. Today I need to address the other side of that.

Rebellion is the latest Chihuahua dog. It’s the fashion accessory of the week. It is especially chic to support the rebellion in the Middle East and the “Arab Spring”. Democracy  in all its popular glory is the latest buzz word and means just as much (and is every bit as dangerous) as the 2008 buzz word “change.”

Rebellion is even itself an act of submission and conforming. It’s being part of the crowd. Rebellion is no longer rebellious.

However, not all rebellion fits this mold. This is the kind of rebellion I was discussing yesterday.

It’s not popular to rebel against the Arab world, global warming or government welfare. It’s especially unpopular to rebel against teachers or cops. There are many great teachers and police, but try going up against the system when you run into a bad one.

When we choose to rebel, and it should be a choice, we need to be careful. We should pick our causes with logic, reason and heart. This requires us to know what we believe on a more basic, ideological level, which brings us back to reason… see the circle, yet?

The single most rebellious act you or I can engage in is to think critically and then make our own decisions. We should carefully consider all the consequences of a situation – especially the unintended ones – and whether we can live with the end results.

When we rebel, we should do it with full heart for something we understand and truly believe in and not because rebellion is the flavor of the week.


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