Lacey Smith

Freedom Fridays: Protecting what we have

In Politics, Uncategorized on May 20, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Every Friday I want to profile some of the rights and freedoms available in America along with tools that will help us learn and understand them. I also want to make you aware of current threats to their existence.

Before I do that I think it’s necessary to address why it’s important.

Having so much freedom is one of the things that make America great, but our apathy about it leaves us vulnerable to losing it. If we are not intimately familiar with our rights, how are we to recognize schemes that will take them away?

For example, if your child wears a shirt with a political slogan to high school and is asked by a teacher or administrator to take it off, will your child know that they do not have to do what that school official asks? They will if they know that students have rights and do not shed them at the schoolhouse door.

But who will teach them that? It won’t be the schools.

More common, and more important, is the passage of laws that erode rights. Do we recognize when our right to “keep and bare Arms” is being violated, when our “free exercise of religion” is limited or when a law violates reasonable search and seizure?

Many of our basic liberties are under attack and we cannot protect them in ignorance. It takes work and courage. And it is our responsibility.

America was founded on the principles of liberty and personal responsibility. Those are dying qualities. If we want to solve any of the problems of our world, we must first save America. It is possible nothing is more important.

It’s time to take back our country – take it back from laziness, from ignorance and, yes, from evil. It’s time to own our government and repossess our liberties.

Knowledge is power. Let’s arm ourselves with this power, teach our friends and family and live the legacy our founding fathers gave us.

When we find out what we have, we realize it is absolutely worth fighting for. That is why knowing our rights is so important. That is why it matters.


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