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People of principle

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2011 at 12:00 pm

America was formed and founded on principles. Some of these include reliance on “Divine Providence,” equality of all men, divine rights, honesty, integrity, reliability and self-reliance.

The people responsible for creating the American government and helping ensure it could be what is were men and women of principle. They put their reputations, their occupations and their very lives on the line to give us everything.

They left us a powerful and weighty legacy. I wonder if we fully appreciate what it cost them. What they risked and what they gave up is very real.

Do we live up to the legacy they gifted us? Are we people of principle?

After a lot of reflection, I sadly believe we are not.

Before anyone gets angry or vehemently disagrees with me, let me explain how I got to conclusion that we are not people of principle.

I believe most Americans are genuinely good people who do have personal values and try to do their best. They are kind and civil. They have faith in God and are disturbed by how untrustworthy those in D.C. are. But most Americans are asleep.

In order to be people of principle, we have to know what we stand for and live it. Principle takes work and education and thought and action.

You cannot fall into principle. You must choose it.

Too many of us are good people who don’t know what we stand for and so we don’t stand.

We aren’t accustomed to working for our educations and the public school system discourages curiosity, deviant thought and non-compliant action (i.e. rebellion).

We buy into media hype that convinces us to give up our freedoms in order to gain perceived security and we’re happy to identify problems and ask Washington to “do something, do anything” without regard for the cost and only as long as it doesn’t hurt us.

We have become soft, pliable people who float through life and accept what we are told.

We need to decide what we believe, after the hard work of educating ourselves, and stick to it, no matter the cost.

I believe we are at a critical junction in the American story and time is not on our side. We need to reinvest in principle and fight for what we’ve got left.

We don’t need rely on the government FEMA trailers to house displaced hurricane victims or on food stamps to feed hungry families when America is filled with people of principle.

The key to fixing the world is to fix America and the way to do that is by fixing ourselves.

What do you believe? What are your principles?

When each of us can answer those questions with real answers and not “I don’t know” then we will be ready for the legacy of freedom given to us in 1776.

When we live those answers we will know America is safe and we are leaving that same legacy to our children.

  1. As an immigrant to the US who came here not only to improve my own life by residing in this great land of principle but also to help preserve and re-ignite that principle this post really speaks to me. I always felt philosophically out of place in Europe, my values have always been based on the divinely granted rights of the individual to determine their own path (I believed this even prior to my conversion). This is what is being eroded in the US today and is what needs to be protected. If we base our decisions on the rights of the individual, I believe, our society will benefit. I recall listening to a radio show a few years ago on the BBC, I was driving and almost crashed my car from anger after hearing some elitist “blame” the Reagan years for spreading “rampant individualism” (said in a derisive, negative way). This solidified my belief in individual rights. In addition to the rights of the individual I believe that we need to base our principles in those of the Gospel, I know that when I first started studying the Gospel I was astonished to find that they matched what I knew to be true just as an individual doing his best to be a good person. That is really the key, in my mind. We have to be striving as individuals to be better people, we will stumble along the way but striving to be the best we can be and setting an example that others may follow is the way to build a better society. In my humble opinion of course!

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