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Demanding more from our election choices

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Late last week I caused quite a controversy on my facebook page by posting that I would withhold my vote for president unless I could find a candidate of the caliber of George Washington.

I was rather surprised by the opposition I received.

I’m not an advocate of not voting, but if we can’t find excellent people to run for office, we shouldn’t be electing people who don’t fill the requirements. Period.

There is no argument that we all want good leaders. We all want upright, honest people we can trust to do the people’s will and give us positive, practical solutions.

And yet we don’t feel like we can expect a president of the caliber of George Washington.

There is no doubt that Washington was a singular man. He was everything a president should be: honest, courageous, devoted, religious, constitutional and wholly committed to country.

I think we discount the presidents who followed him though: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. All of them were true men who had principles and were intellectually honest. They honored and upheld the constitution as they swore they would.

In the generations since, the quality of our presidents has declined. And we have come to expect less.

In this country, we get what we deserve. By expecting less, we have set up a pattern where we deserve less.

In past weeks, I have been hard on the American people, but that is because I believe we are capable of more. There are good people in this country who are living short of what they deserve. Most of us are.

The problem with the way we are electing people in this country is that it has nothing to do with the voice of the people. When it really comes down to it, the parties and corporations (which are comprised of people) give us a group of people that have been through their system and pass their tests and then let us decide which of their candidates we get to choose.

And election after election, we vote for them.

There are many truly good people in this country who avoid politics because the process is so broken. I believe there are people of the caliber of George Washington out there who just need a push to get involved.

Washington, himself, did not “run” but was drafted to be president. All he wanted was to retire quietly to his home and be a farmer. But he put his country before himself.

That’s what we need in this country: honest, courageous, devoted, religious, constitutional and devoted men who are committed to their country. They will be reluctant when we draft them, but they will do it because they love the country.

We must demand better. There are men of the caliber of Washington out there. Some of them, I believe, are even in politics, either because someone drafted them or because they felt like they had to.

We have to find them, because their country desperately needs them. We should vote, but only for people who we believe is honest, will put country before power and uphold the constitution, no matter what.

And if there is not a candidate who fits that criteria, we should not vote until there is.

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