Lacey Smith

Honoring our heritage

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I’ve been thinking a lot about the heritage and legacy of America.

The gift given to each American is one I don’t think any of us can ever fully appreciate and it’s our responsibility to preserve that for our children.

For me, honor is a big thing. I think it’s part of the “oldest child” thing, because I feel a keen sense of accountability to my family to honor my family heritage and continue the legacy left to me.

On the other hand, I see a general lack on honor in our politics, relationships and society in general.

There are many people who live with honor, especially among our veterans and soldiers, but we need more honor in this world.

Living with honor is a lot harder done than said. The definition includes “one’s word given as a guarantee of performance.” It means doing what we say we will as we say we will simply because we say we will.

It means if we say we will be somewhere at 12:00, we will be there at 12:00, not 12:03.

Living with honor also means chastity and purity and a keen sense of ethical conduct. It means living our religion and being moral. It means having values and actually living them.

Part of what made George Washington such a great president is that he had honor. So, too, did many of our founders. It seems that quality is lacking in many of our “leaders” today.

America is founded on honor with the caveat that it only works if we have honor throughout America.

There is a powerful legacy in my family. Pioneers and patriots are party of my family tree.

I think my parents did a good job instilling a sense of honor in me. I hope to be able to do the same with my children.

The American legacy is one of freedom, of responsibility, of self-reliance and of standing for something. It is our duty to honor that.

We are not a perfect people and our constitutional government is not a perfect government, but it is good and is the best in the world.

Living with honor takes work and it is time to decide right now if we will honor our heritage. The more we practice it, the easier it becomes.

Honoring our legacy is the only way to ensure our children enjoy the freedom we are blessed with.

I don’t want to be the generation that finally loses our freedoms for good. Stand up with me, live the legacy and pass the heritage of liberty on.


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