Lacey Smith

We need to stand with Israel

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 at 1:12 pm

I’ve only written about Israel once before, and truthfully I don’t know much about the history. I hardly feel qualified to write anything on the topic.

However, I’ve been watching the developments of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict my whole life and the turn it’s taken recently disturbs me.

What is especially disconcerting is how the Obama administration is handling it.

Israel is our closest, and probably our best, ally in the region.

Israel is the only place in the Middle East where a solid, truly American-style government is established. It’s the only place where there is real freedom in the region.

They also have to fight constantly for their very existence. That there are many groups in the region that want to utterly destroy Israel.

Those groups won’t be happy with negotiation and concessions. And we shouldn’t ask Israel to compromise with them. That would be like another nation telling us to make peace with Al Qaeda and meet their demands.

If we turn our back on Israel, it’s likely that the rest of the world (anyone still on Israel’s side) will follow suit.

The world promised after WWII that we would never let a holocaust happen again. We have failed to stop genocides in places since then, but right now we can prevent one or allow it to happen.

I really believe if we don’t stand up for Israel and lend our support, the Jews will be murdered en masse by Arab terrorists. I also believe that, like during WWII, Christians, the elderly and disabled and others will be caught up as well.

We will allow it to happen? We can’t say we don’t know what’s going on. With live 24-7 news, we can see what’s happening as it happens. There is no hiding in this world.

The question is: do we believe the Jews have a right to survive and protect themselves and will we support them on that?

I do, but there are many in the Middle East who do not.

This is a conflict that is thousands of years old and America can’t solve it, but what happens next is up to us.

Will we set Israel up to fail or will we stand with them? Israel is our ally. We must not abandon them.


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