Lacey Smith

Weiner should go

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2011 at 6:25 pm

The Anthony Weiner scandal has been the latest episode in “Powerful, Political and Scandalous”.

To recap, a sexual photo was tweeted on U.S. Representative Anthony Wiener’s Twitter account.

Weiner held a press conference to say his account had been hacked, the photo was a “prank,” he couldn’t say for sure if the photo was or wasn’t of him, but for sure he didn’t send it, and that he wasn’t going to get the police involved.

Turns out all of that, except not involving the police, was a lie.

Weiner’s account was not hacked, he knew the photo was of him and he sent it out (oops, right?).

He claims he lied because he was embarrassed. I think he lied because he didn’t want to deal with the consequences.

Whatever the reason, Weiner lied to the press and consequently to the American public. He showed incredibly bad judgement, violated House rules and dishonored his office and his family.

Now I recognize that people make mistakes and even some of the greatest American leaders have made huge errors.

Though mistakes shouldn’t prohibit someone from serving in the government, Weiner’s choices show a pattern of really bad behavior, poor judgement and dishonesty.

Is he really who we want making our laws?

For my part, I would probably not have voted for Weiner in the first place and he is not my representative. He does help make laws that directly affects me, which, frankly, disturbs me.

His behavior was reprehensible and I have to commend Nancy Pelosi for calling for an ethics investigation.

Weiner has done nothing in the last two weeks to give us any reason to trust him. From here on out, everything he says and does should be suspect.

If he cannot be faithful to his wife, make smart personal decisions or be honest about a scandal, how can we expect fidelity to his oath of office, wisdom in making government decision or truth about his actions on behalf of the public?

Above all, if he cannot manage himself, how can he be trusted to manage our government?

He should not wait for the House to hand down discipline. He should step down.

That would be the honorable thing to do, but nothing about his behavior has been honorable. I’m not holding my breath.

  1. I’m disappointed with Rep. Weiner’s denial and later outing as another skeevy guy on the internet. I was really impressed with his fiery defense of the 9/11 First Responders bill last summer and outspoken nature on politics.

    I do think he has a point though, that we need to focus on more important things than a sex scandal. And prior to this mess, he was legitimately calling out Clarence Thomas on funds Thomas’ wife earned as a conservative lobbyist on cases Thomas hears as a Supreme Court justice missing from- a case of conflict of interest.

    Very disappointed though. A clever and passionate politician downed by thinking with his crotch. :/

    • I think there’s a trap of power a lot of politicians fall into. They end up thinking their above the rules.

      Unfortunately for him, in the American system, trust is a premium. If he’d done it and he’d admitted to it, I would have been frustrated, but I would probably be saying, “The guys kinda a loser and really screwed up his personal life, but there may be room to forgive here.” The biggest problem I have is that he lied to everyone for nearly two weeks.

      Even the really bad judgement might be forgivable. But how do we trust someone who flat out lied to us for two weeks? I think there’s no getting over that, no matter what good he did.

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