Lacey Smith

It’s time to prepare

In Current Events, Religion on June 9, 2011 at 3:27 pm

I talked yesterday about the warning signs of another storm I see coming. I think there are a lot of risk factors for another recession, and that’s the optimistic view.

If I was in a national leadership role, I would council my people to prepare. I would not be reassuring them there is nothing to worry about, because there is much to be agitated over. There are at least a dozen things that should really cause us concern.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we, individually, can do about the weak dollar or cost of gasoline. We have zero influence over Europe’s debt worries or potential food shortages.

Fortunately, there are things we can do. They are small and they are personal. They will not stop crises on a national or international level.

Preparing ourselves, though, will put us in a place to weather the storm and maybe help others.

And if the storm fizzles out or never comes, it may be an earthquake or a tornado or an illness or a layoff. All of these things happen in good economic times as well as bad.

Everything I’ve encouraged you to do has been with the words “right now.” Maybe I sound like a fear monger because I keep pushing things as immediately important. I just know time takes change and if we wait until we need instant action it will be too late.

So here’s what I’m suggesting we each do:

  1. Get or put together a 72 hour kit
  2. Get three months of food storage
  3. Pay regular debt bills three months out (i.e. car and mortgage payments)
  4. Have three months of emergency funds in a savings account

Next week I’ll walk you through each of these steps, one at a time. They are little goals on the way to  bigger ones.

This won’t work if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck and so you may have to evaluate what you’re spending and see if you can cut back in a place or two.

The trick is getting over the sense of entitlement we all have and choosing to sacrifice to put ourselves in a better position.

This may seem like a departure from my usual columns. It’s really not.

This is all about being self sufficient, about relying on our own strength. And that is part of the legacy of our predecessors.

Men and women like the Washingtons, Adamses and Jeffersons didn’t wait until someone else gave them permission to lead.

People who fought at Concord and Lexington didn’t wait for someone else to take care of the British.

These individuals acted and didn’t wait for someone else. They took care of themselves and their own.

That’s what I’m asking you to do: take care of  yourself.

If we are prepared, it won’t matter what happens internationally, nationally, locally or personally.

We won’t have to be afraid. Instead we can look forward optimistically, knowing no matter what happens we will be ok.

That’s the benefit of preparing and now is the time.


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