Lacey Smith

72 hour kits (pt 2)

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2011 at 10:46 pm

I promised to give you a bonus post of what’s in my 72 hour kit.

Here’s the food I’m including:

2 cans of mandarin orange, 1 can of pears, one box of dried fruit

3 Nature Valley granola bar packages (each package has 2 bars), 1 package of graham crackers, one complete package of rice cakes (each package has 2 separately sealed packs inside)

3 Quaker granola bars (Smores), 4 pudding cups, 1 snack-size ziplock of Jolly Ranchers (not included in my calorie count)

3 Cans of tuna (I added a 3rd after the picture), 1 sealed package of Ritz crackers

1 jar of Nutella & 1 of Peanut butter (6 tbsp of each for the 3 days; each jar will feed 3 people)

All this can go into a bucket like this, or into a backpack or other container

In addition, you’ll want to add water, a flashlight, a first aid kit, etc. Not all of this may fit into your container, the water especially.

The calorie count for this food is 1802 total. For my husband I would need to add more food. Other things like granola, trail mix and jerky could also go into your kit.

All of this food was in my pantry. It just needed to be put together. It only took me about half an hour.

I hope this gives you ideas to get you stared.

  1. LOVE IT! So now will you gather things like a change of clothes, identifications and documentations, etc? And what about a deck of cards? Oh, and condoms. Baby booms always happen 9 months after major power outages!

    • We actually have two complete 72-hour kits (one is a “grab-and-go” the other is an “extreme emergency” kit). But I definitely should add playing cards, clean underwear and (uh-hem)… other things… to our kit. Thanks for the suggestions!

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