Lacey Smith

We need to look somewhere else for solutions

In Uncategorized on June 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm

In my last post I wrote about finding things to be outraged about.

I’m not really encouraging you to be angry, but there are many things we should be really upset about. America is full of problems.

That is the nature of our country, though. We have always faced major issues. In 1776 it was fighting the oppression of England. In 1786 it was reforming our constitution. In 1812 it was another war against England, this time for trade rights, expansion and impressment.

From the Revolution to the Civil War, WWI to the invasion of Iraq, America has been involved in wars for a major part of our history.

And military conflict hasn’t been our only issue. We’ve faced trade issues, terrorism, race relations, political drama, regime changes, corruption, rebellion, recession, depression and more.

America is clearly a problem-riddled nation. For a country founded on an experiment, it’s amazing we’ve survived, much less thrived, so well for so long.

I think largely the success of America so far is the freedom we enjoy and our unique individualism.

America is suited better than any other country in the world to face the challenges we have encountered. We have a level of freedom unlike any other nation and the republican form of government centers around the rights of the individual.

This freedom has allowed us to be innovators and entrepreneurs and create solutions to the frequent problems we’ve faced.

Our solutions have never come through the government.

And that’s a fact we seem to be forgetting a lot.

When we look at all the problems America is currently facing, we ask what the government is going to do. We look to the president especially for answers.

But the answers aren’t really coming, and they can’t.

All Washington can do is get out of the way of Americans and let us create solutions ourselves.

Any other solution takes money out of our pockets (because tax dollars are OUR dollars), makes the government pick winners and losers, increases our deficits, reduces our freedoms and/or a number of other things.

We will be far better off if we find  the answers ourselves instead of relying on Washington.

Government is good for some things, but American rule was not designed to be all things to all people. We make a critical error when we expect it to be.

America needs to look somewhere else for our solutions.


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