Lacey Smith

America’s oldest child syndrome

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2011 at 1:17 am

In President Obama’s most recent speech (Wednesday, on the new strategy & troop withdrawal in Afghanistan), he said it was time to stop nation building abroad and start nation building at home.

That’s a great thought and I’m all for that if it means we are going to take the money we’re spending and put it towards tax reform and deficit reduction.

I don’t think that’s the kind of nation building the president was talking about.

More than that, I don’t think for one moment that bringing troops home stops nation building abroad.

America is spending billions of dollars to fund American contractors all over Afghanistan and Iraq as well as to provide aid for dozens of other countries.

While the deficit clock ticks and ticks well over 14 trillion dollars, we continue to spend money we don’t have, both nationally and internationally.

Even if all the spending domestic was justified (it’s not), we cannot justify all the international spending. Especially for countries like Ireland and Greece who are in trouble by their own doing, the Obama administration’s international bailouts are particularly frustrating.

The American government has a serious oldest-child/hero complex.

As an oldest child, I know all the signs. It’s easy to spot another oldest child.

As the modern world’s first and only truly free nation, the government shows all the signs of an oldest child.

We (and I use we in a loose form) keep trying to help other countries and every person in America.

We who have so much keep trying to hand it out to everyone else.

This is unsustainable, though. We are bankrupting our country and we need to stop the rescue.

The most important thing water-rescuers are taught is not to jump in the water after someone actively drowning because they will pull you under too. You cannot save someone if you are drowning.

Lest anyone thinks I’m saying we should not provide any aid, that is not true. But I don’t think anyone or any nation should be on a government dole.

By rescuing everyone we are not only harming ourselves, we are harming the ones we are trying to help.

The whole world relies on America to play hero because we have always been there in the past. On our current path we will not be able to save the world much longer and they will have to figure it out themselves.

As an oldest child, I have had to learn I can’t help everyone. Our government needs to learn that lesson too. It’s time to say no to saving the world. We simply do not have the resources to keep doing it.

Pres. Obama was right. It’s time to stop nation building abroad – ALL nation building abroad – and fix our own problems first.


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