Lacey Smith

Living our national religion

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2011 at 3:55 pm

Today’s post is about America’s national religion.

There’s been some drama recently about the Pledge of Allegiance, especially with the term “under God”.

Also, for a number of years there has also been a debate about whether or not America is a Christian nation.

This is not a post on either of those.

In fact, this is not a post on religion in the traditional sense.

Instead, this is a post on a system of belief held to with ardor and faith. This post is on America’s national religion.

The tenets of America’s national religion are laid out in the Declaration of Independence. They include a belief in divinity, unalienable rights, and the security of those rights by government. It is honor, integrity, individualism and a firm reliance on divinity.

Our national religion includes the belief that we can tear down and create a new government if it does not protect our rights.

It is a belief that our states ought to be free and independent. It is pledging to ourselves and others our lives, fortunes and sacred honors to defend and support our national faith.

I wonder how many people actively practice our national religion. I wonder of those who don’t are even aware that there IS a national religion.

Our schools, our government, special interest groups, political parties are all trying to destroy our national religion. Not EVERY one of them, some of ALL of them are actively seeking the destruction of our national religion.

“Practicing” a religion is a concept that is foreign to a lot of people, even those who are religious, but America’s religion has to be practiced.

Watching The Revolution mini-series it struck me the way the people invested in the ideals of America. They practiced their religion.

Now, military service is about paying for college or getting “real-world” experience. Civil service is about power, political climbing or money. So much is done because of the “what’s in it for me” factor.

America’s national religion is lived only on the premise of selflessness.

We must instill American values in our children. We must infuse them into our lives and we must inject them into our souls.

I believe in America. I believe in our national religion. I believe in the promises of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That is why I spent about an hour on Sunday talking with friends about political philosophy. It is why I’m working with Glenn Beck’s people to organize a Utah gathering for Restoring Courage. It’s why I’ve written letters to the editor, gone to political events and was honored to spend time as a page in the Idaho Legislature.

And yet, I know I don’t live my religion nearly as well as I should.

With this upcoming holiday weekend, I’m asking you again to evaluate your life. Do you believe in America? Do you believe in the tenets of our faith?

If you do, are you living it? Are you defending it?

The soldiers of the Continental Army did it through snow and bullets for only the promise of pay from a nation that didn’t exist yet and might not ever. What we must do is far easier than that.


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