Lacey Smith

Programming Note

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2011 at 12:11 pm

You may have noticed that there was no Freedom Friday post last week. I’m trying to do more research, especially reading the Federalist Papers, before I write these blogs.

I’ve also mentioned a couple of times that I’ve been fighting writer’s block. As much as I love writing, I knew I couldn’t produce news or write for a newspaper because I don’t churn out story after story day after day very well.

Writing is an exhausting process for me and daily posts are starting to feel like a chore worse than laundry (and I hate laundry).

In light of those two considerations, I’ve decided to make a format change. From now on, there will be two weekday posts on Monday and Wednesday. They will go live at 1pm.

The Freedom Friday feature will continue as Focus on Freedom and will be posted on Saturday (also at 1pm).

I’m hoping this will bring more consistency to the blog and let me put out better quality of work.

It’s important to me to have reasonable, applicable and well-written posts. This change is about quality, not quantity.


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