Lacey Smith

“Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for a time such as this?”

In Uncategorized on August 30, 2011 at 2:58 pm

In preparation for the 8/24 event we held at the Capitol last week, I read the book of Esther. I was struck not only by the courage of this woman, but also of the example it sets for us today.

The story of Esther is the story of an every-day woman who was essentially a refugee, an exile in a kingdom that was foreign and not understanding of her faith. Suddenly, she found herself in a position of great prestige as the queen of Persia.

From orphaned refugee to queen of a country in one year seems to me to be so overwhelming that I would admire her simply for managing that situation with grace.

However, Esther’s calling was much greater, for no sooner had she received this position than her cousin, Mordecai, discovers a horrible plot to destroy all the Jews and he comes to her and pleads with her go to the king and speak on the behalf of her people.

Esther answers that the king might kill her, because no one approaches him unless he summons them. Mordecai’s response is “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for a time such as this?” or rather, “Is it possible that this is why you are queen?”

Esther has a choice here, to either save herself by staying quiet or risk everything. What would you do? What would I?

After encouragement from her cousin, she chose to stand. She risked her life, went before the king and invited him to a feast.

At that feast, she invited him to another. At the second feast, she plead for her life and that of her cousin Mordecai’s.

The King promised that she would not be harmed, and, in anger, killed the man who had organized the whole thing. However, Esther still had to go back, and face death again by approaching the king to save the rest of her people.

Esther showed incredible courage. The fate of an entire population rested on her choice.

So often, history turns on a single decision or a single individual. Perhaps you are nobody. Perhaps nothing you do matters. Or maybe, you will be the one whose choices everything turns on.

Esther’s story is not one of a hero. It’s one of a normal woman who just managed to stay sane as the rest of the world around her went crazy. She drew courage from standing in a morally strong place and from Mordecai and from God.

You might be Esther, or you might be Mordecai, without whom Esther’s courage may have failed her. Your encouragement, your actions, your example might inspire someone whose choices fundamentally alter the direction of the world.

I believe each of us are here for a purpose. I believe each of us are here NOW for a purpose. God put us here now because he needs us here now.

We have a responsibility to fulfill that purpose. If we don’t, we will be held responsible for what happens because of our inaction.

Americans enjoy incredible freedom to take advantage of our God-given rights and so we have equally incredible responsibility.

I believe God needs you, right now. Not tomorrow, not next year. Today. Now.

You were born for a time such as this. Will you be Esther? The world needs you.


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