Lacey Smith

I’d rather be lazy…

In Uncategorized on November 30, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Over the last few months of blogging absence, I’ve been slowly (and I emphasize sloooowly) building up a cache of blogs so I can provide some consistency in blog posts.

The truth is, I’m kinda lazy. Blogging is a lot of work for me (especially working on blogs that are so intellectual), and I’d much rather watch House Hunters and play computer games.

I’ve been thinking about my next project, though, knowing that being lazy is irresponsible in the current economic and political climate.

I found myself wishing yesterday that I was still about 14 years old and my primary job was to learn.

Never, ever have I wished to go back to be 14 (and you still couldn’t pay me enough to repeat 16), but childhood had some advantages. Being an adult – I use that term hesitantly – has so many distractions from what I really want to do: lock myself in a library somewhere and read and read and read.

I, very fortunately, grew up with an education that both allowed me the freedom to pursue many of the topics I wanted to learn and taught me to love learning. It was fairly easy in elementary and secondary school to learn the things I wanted, even while making time to learn things I didn’t care about.

Now I find learning somewhat overwhelming. I understand why we “grown ups” let our education slide as we try to juggle careers, marriages, children, extended family, church and more.

It’s much easier to watch Chopped than it is to watch a program from Wallbuilders or read the Communist Manifesto. It takes far less work to play Roads of Rome III or Mario Kart than it is to write a blog or research any one of the hundreds of topics I want to know more about.

At the end of a long, busy day, checking out is simple. It also turns us into sheep – and not the kind Jesus talked about. I don’t do sheep (except the kind Jesus talked about and even that’s iffy sometimes).

And while there is nothing inherently evil about Plants vs Zombies, it does take me away from the more important things I could (and should) be doing. I don’t think God’s going to accept the explanation that I didn’t go vote because I was too busy using Pea Shooters to defend my home from a zombie attack to study the issues.

So I envy my 14-year-old self just a little bit, because it would be so much easier to do the kind of study I really want to do if I had all the responsibilities of a 14 year old. But I’m not, and I’m supposed to be an adult, which means making tough choices.

I guess tonight I’ll curl up on the couch and do some light reading…Utopia anyone?

See my current reading list here:


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