Lacey Smith

Moving to the Right

In Current Events on December 5, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I recently listened to an interview of a Tea Party leader and a question was asked about the Occupy Wall Street.

The movement has caused a lot of frustration among American conservatives. It’s irritating to us to see the media champion Occupy groups – or simply give a pass to them – while continuing  to bash the Tea Party (which they in nearly the same breath say is the same sort of organization – which they are not).

In general, it really annoys me when the media trashes the Tea Party. So often, I know what they’re saying is not true because I know the Tea Party. I would consider myself part of the Tea Party.

It’s also annoying when the media talks about the Tea Party trying to move the country to the right as though it’s a bad thing. They assert this without ever sharing the other side.

It’s just one of many, many signs that our media system is broken, something I could write thousands of words on… in another post.

Something particular in this message has been bugging me lately – perpetuated by this mainstream media smear of the Tea Party and moving to the right.

Here’s the thing: Perhaps we are moving to the right, but it’s about dang time.

We have moved SO far to the left since 1787. No, we are not yet to a complete Socialist government (quite) or Communism (yet), but we have moved past Conservatism to left of Leftism.

In fact, this country has slowly crept away from Constitutional principles nearly since the day it was put into place.

This slow creep has increased to a breakneck race away from the Constitution.

Things that were completely unheard of 100 years ago, like Social Security and government funded welfare, are not only commonplace today, but are championed even by the right of the country (Republicans) and people who call themselves conservatives.

The reality is, the country is not moving to the right. What is really happening is that the country is moving apart.

The far-left is dragging us further and further to the left while the conservatives who sit right of the mainstream right are digging in their heels and trying to keep the country from moving away from freedom.

It’s sort of a good-and-evil struggle where individual sovereignty sits on one side and leftist-elite controlled government sits on the other.

I’m not suggesting that everyone on the left is evil. Far from. There are many good, compassionate people who sit on the left and there are many selfish people on the right.

However, freedom is the central value of America and this struggle has been going on since humanity began. That Americans have lived with so much freedom for so long is a miracle.

Republics are not perfect, and America is no exception, but it is the best human system I know of. It is fair and legitimate to evaluate our republic against other systems and decide if we can live with something else.

It is important to look not only at the perfect utopian side of other systems, but also the worst-case scenarios of other forms of government.

I cannot find anything better, but I can find a lot worse. I am not willing to live with another system. Even the worst of our republic is better than the best of some others.

Moving to the right is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, a moderate move right is really a move back to who we are as a nation – and America has always been good at its core.

The battle over freedom is the central battle of our time, just as it is the central value of America. I would welcome a move to the right. It’s a move back to freedom and it’s about time.



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