Lacey Smith

Caucus Day in Utah

In Uncategorized on March 15, 2012 at 6:03 pm

It’s Republican Caucus day in Utah and I’ll admit I’m darn near giddy about it.

After months of watching and complaining, of fussing, analyzing and worrying, of listening and reading and studying, it’s my turn to be involved.

And yet, I find myself going into my neighborhood caucus somewhat unprepared.

The truth is, all the national coverage has sort of overwhelmed our local races and I’ve slacked off a little bit.

That’s not to say that I haven’t done some research. I have “my guys” picked out and I’ve been to a few campaign events, but I’m still sort of shaky on some of the people I’ve chosen and why.

Now, Utah’s caucus system is sort of strange (it’s non-binding, followed by a Convention followed, if necessary, by a primary) and I imagine I won’t be the only going in semi-unprepared, but I know there’s a chance that my views won’t be entirely popular in my precinct and so I should be over-prepared. I’m not.

It kind of wounds my pride to know that, even with all my preaching of how we need to do better, I am still part of the problem.

I have not made it to nearly as many town hall meetings as I wanted or planned to. I have only gone to a few campaign events. Despite having some interest in being a delegate, I haven’t taken the pulse of my precinct or know who is going to be there.

I am under-prepared.

The sad truth is, while those of us who go to the caucuses are more prepared and educated than the average voter, most of us are probably under-educated.

It’s hard work and there are lots of demands on our time. Many of them are relatively unimportant and many of them are immediately critical.

We live in a world of intensely competing priorities. It’s hard to decide what’s most important and what just doesn’t matter.

I think it’s this way by design – Divine design.

Not only is it crucial that we evaluate what is most important and most valuable to us, each of us has our own missions. If one thing was clearly more important – or easier – than any other, then we would all do that. Instead, we have to rely on Divine direction and figure out where we are supposed to stand and what efforts God needs from us.

Additionally, it is important that we invest in our causes. As Thomas Paine wrote in The Crisis, “…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly…” Whatever our cause, it has to be hard, or it won’t mean enough to us that we will continue to support it up after we win.

That very thing is what got us into the mess we are in as our nation. Too many generations received freedom from their parents and did not have to fight for it and work for it. Consequently, we have esteemed our freedoms far too likely and we have lost many of them.

So it is hard and hard by design. But that only makes the rewards more sweet and our investment more critical.

We have hit a point where each of us need to figure out now what we are supposed to be doing to further the cause, because the enemies of freedom are ratcheting things up and we don’t have long to take a stand.

One tiny part of that are our elections. If that’s not your mission, don’t not vote, but find people you can trust to help you get educated and don’t feel guilty about not being super-involved. But don’t slack on what you’re supposed to be doing either.

God needs soldiers everywhere. Tonight, one of those places are the Utah Caucuses. And I can hardly wait.


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