Lacey Smith

Finding something to get worked up over

In Uncategorized on April 3, 2012 at 9:32 pm

Some of you may laugh at the headline to this post. I am, after all, not someone who holds opinions lightly or lukewarmly. In fact, I tend to get very passionate and even worked up over a lot of things.

And there are lots and lots and lots of things to get worked up over right now. From Pres. Obama’s unbelievable threatening of the judiciary and the renewed debate over Obamacare to the insanity of local politics, there’s a lot that’s got me annoyed right now.

But there’s nothing that’s really pushing me to action. There’s nothing that’s even got me worked up enough to furiously type out 300 – 600 words on whatever I couldn’t believe was on the news today.

Perhaps it’s because “real life” has been fairly all-consuming lately. Or my discussion circle has expanded a little bit and so I don’t need the outlet of a blog. Or maybe it’s just the sense that, frankly, it just doesn’t matter because there are too few of us who are awake and aware and actively working to right things to count. We just don’t matter.

Or maybe I’m just getting accustomed to the very crazy world we now live in and am getting lulled to sleep. Everything’s going to continue being crazy, but things will be just fine in my world.

That one’s scary. It’s naive. It’s dangerous. And it’s probably the most accurate reason why I don’t get worked up right now.

The sense that “Oh, yes, the Devil exists, but he’s not at my door” is the surest way to let him into your home. And while the city might be burning out of control just a block away, I can happily ignore it because it doesn’t affect me (yet).

The truth is, freedom is not for the apathetic, the uneducated, the uninvolved or the lazy.

The zeal that I had last summer and the outrage I felt over the growing anti-Israel sentiment has faded. My anger over Obamacare has tempered. Even the Solindra scandal wasn’t enough to really work me up.

I’m not wanting to be overwrought, but I do need to rediscover and reinvest in the cause of freedom and take the steps that I know are next.

So from now I, promise this: I will not just take things in stride. I am going to find things to get worked up over – not silly things, but real things.

When the Obama administration grossly abuses power, I’m not going to sigh and say, “So what else is new?” I’m going to let it bug me.

When I hear someone call America a democracy, I’m not just going to shake my head at their lack of education. I’m going to use it as fuel to make sure I’m well educated and, where appropriate, I’m going to use it as an opportunity to educate others.

When the mainstream media presents a biased story, I’m going to make sure I know the other side well enough to share it.

And I’m not going to get worked up and then move on. These things are too important to have a blipvert attention span.

I am going to get worked up and I’m going to take that “worked-up-ness” and translate it into something real.

I may be only one person, but I know the influence one person can have. And I’d love if you’d join me.

There’s plenty to get agitated about. We just need to quit dismissing it.

It’s time to find something to get worked up over.


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