Lacey Smith

Mike Crapo and losing our souls

In Current Events, Politics on January 4, 2013 at 3:25 pm

So much for a regular posting schedule…

I am working on a couple of posts for next week, but this is one of the reasons I didn’t go into print journalism: I’m not so good at regularly churning out articles.

This Mike Crapo story is getting to me, though. It’s enough to postpone what I was going to share and talk about this first.

My parents go to church with Crapos when they are in Eastern Idaho instead of Washington, D.C. Although there is some disagreement on politics and policies, I think my parents considered Sen. Crapo a good man.

When the news came out about his DUI arrest, we were all shocked and disappointed. Truthfully, our hearts are broken for him and his family.

I believe it was Glenn Beck who said (in regards to Chris Stewart, Utah’s new congressman and a good man) that you can send a good man to Washington but you rarely get a good man back.

That is tragic.

I know that power corrupts. I know that Washington is awash in the very worst of our society. Truly the dregs of America can be found there. But it is devastating to know that when we send good people to D.C. we are almost always condemning them to lose their souls.

So often, we send good people to Washington (or on a smaller level to our state capitols, county seats and city halls) and then turn our back on them. We put them in a situation that is likely to corrupt them and leave them there without a check from us. We don’t protect them and then we wonder what happened to them and why our government is failing us.

Ben Franklin is reported to have been asked what kind of government the members of the Constitutional Convention had given the American people. He replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

The foundation of American government is a majority population of good, honest people keeping tabs on a few good, honest people sent to the national capitol to get the people’s business done and come home quickly.

Instead, we have a mixture of honest-and-active (and completely frustrated), honest-but-lazy and dishonest people sending mostly dishonest and they-were-honest-once people to our capitol to be career politicians and look out for themselves.

We have lost our soul.

I still think Sen. Mike Crapo is a good man. He made a horrible mistake. As a native Idahoan and an American, my heart aches for him and his family, my home state and our government.

It’s our fault. We have let the system become so corrupt that even the very best men cannot come home undefiled.

Unfortunately, we cannot keep our government. Heck, we can barely keep ourselves and our families anymore.

Mike Crapo’s mistake is a symptom of a disease worse than cancer. Mike Crapo is a symptom of a corrupt American soul.

We can fix politics in America. Not yet. First we have to fix individuals, families, neighborhoods. Then we have to fix our city governments, then our counties, then our states. Otherwise we have no hope of fixing our federal problems. It has to be bottom up. Just like our government is supposed to work.

We have to find our soul.

UPDATE: Some of the feedback I’ve gotten has indicated that I’m saying Mike Crapo is a victim or I’m excusing his actions. I am not. I absolutely believe that he is responsible for his own actions, not withstanding anything else. It’s up to each person to have and stand up to their values. It’s just nearly impossible and we do not properly support the people we send to the cess pit that is our national capitol. It’s nearly impossible to stay good when you are constantly surrounded by evil.


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