Lacey Smith

Happy Inauguration Day

In Current Events, Politics on January 21, 2013 at 6:06 pm

We will return to regularly-schedule programming in just a moment…

But first, some information about Inauguration Day (Observed) 2013.

Since the Constitution mandates the President of the United States be sworn in on January 20, today is just formality, pomp and circumstance. The real deal happened yesterday.

According to ABC News, the known inauguration costs as of January 19 total over 13 million dollars, but that figure was just preliminary. Now, not all of the cost will be shouldered by the American taxpayer. In 2009, the inaugural events cost $170 million and the Presidential Inaugural Committee received $53 million in donations. Of course, that leaves $117 million unpaid for. I’m sure the American taxpayer didn’t pick up tab…

So, whether you could stomach watching the Obamas walk the parade route with the cheering crowds looking on (or you were just exposed to it as a job hazard) or  you hid the whole day from it, happy inauguration day! Throw a party. The president sure did.

After all, I’m sure we had nothing better to do with $13 million.


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