Lacey Smith

Titles of Honor

In Current Events, Politics, Religion, The Real World on February 19, 2013 at 5:37 pm

After a  busy-life forced hiatus (thanks, Superbowl… glad you only come once every three years or so), I had intended on returning to blogging with a totally different topic. I thought I was done talking about women, our roles, etc. and was moving on (after all, the giant wheel of government spins on, powered by insanity and ignorance). However, then I saw this article last Friday in Salon titled Stop calling us wives and moms.

Very little has made me so angry in a long time.

The article outlines a petition on to President Obama’s usage of the terms wife, mother, sisters and daughters (particularly in his SotU). While I agree that his “‘Father Knows Best’ paternalism” is condescending, I was far more bothered by the sentiments expressed by the petitioners that “Defining women by their relationships to other people is reductive, misogynist, and alienating to women who do not define ourselves exclusively by our relationships to others.”

Oh please gag me now.

These titles are titles of honor. Quit whining about being “defined” by them. Real women, those who know the worth of these relationships, understand this and delight in being called these things.

While I vehemently disagree with the attitude, I actually agree with the end result.

Mr. President, your use of the titles wives, mothers, sisters and daughters is offensive. You abuse these titles in your political game for your own political gain. But we are not the only ones who you attempt to use as pawns. You abuse the “rich”, the middle class and the poor. Your rhetoric and disdain for the American people is very clear to anyone who has the blinders off. Quit trying to use the women of this country to get your way.

And to the women who created this ridiculous petition, get over yourselves. You are no more special than anyone else ever born. You have no intrinsic value beyond being a child (a daughter, dare I say) of God.

Moreover, you are a woman. Relationships are at the core of who you are. There is no higher title than “Mother” except for “God”. These are closely followed by Wife, Daughter and Sister.

Yes, I know, this post is as much a rant as it is a logical, even argument. But I’ve just about had it.

As women, it is our right to be these things and so many of us treat these titles like they are dirty words.

Even many of the LDS and Christian (aka Bible-believing) women I know would rather be driven, “powerful” career women than stay-at-home moms (which is a misnomer… I don’t know any SAHMs who actually stay at home!). Worse, they (and some of the SAHMs I know) don’t teach their daughters to revel in those titles and so their children grow up with a twisted idea of womanhood themselves.

My greatest value is as a mother to my sweet baby, a wife to my husband, a good daughter and sister.

So go ahead and call me those things. I’ll embrace them, because they are who I am. They are titles of honor.


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