Lacey Smith

John McCain, you are a twit.

In Current Events, Politics on March 11, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Following the epic 13 hour Rand Paul filibuster last Wednesday, the liberal Republicans have been out in full force. Both John McCain and Lindsey Graham have thoroughly expressed their distaste of the Tea Party before but couldn’t help making it known again. Frankly, I’m a little surprised that we haven’t heard from Orrin Hatch as well in all this.

Among the attempts to shame Sen. Paul, Sen. Graham created a shame chart (showing the number of Americans killed in the U.S. by drones vs by Al Qaeda) and Sen. McCain used the term “Wacko Birds” and said Sen. Paul’s filibuster was “unhelpful.” In fact, the old, angry has-been that the American people rejected twice as president of the United States has the gall to even claim he and people like him were the future of the Republican party.

Frankly, Senator McCain, you are a twit.

The American people rejected you, Senator. They rejected you and your vision for America twice. They rejected people like you. They don’t want your brand of “freedom”.

And lest you think the Tea Party “failures” of 2012 mean that movement is dead and the American people want republicans like you, your party lost too.

On the other hand, the outpouring of support for Sen. Paul was immense. #StandWithRand was trending first in the world on Twitter all night Tuesday and was still trending in the U.S. most of Wednesday. If the democrats who were yelling about the Patriot Act had any integrity, they would’ve been standing with him too.

Sen. Rand Paul asked questions of the Obama administration he didn’t feel like he was getting a good answer to. So he stood up. And all over the world people responded.

The right to life is a natural right and no person has the authority to take that away without due process. As new technology emerges, we must constantly keep an eye on our politicians to ensure that they do not use these advances to make allowances with our natural rights.

That was just one of the things Sen. Paul was doing last Tuesday. He was also standing up to a Presidential administration which has been more painful than a root canal to get answers from. He was standing up for the Senate, for the separate branches of government, for the Constitution and for the American people.

Sen. McCain, I truly wonder what you have done lately that is equal.

You have no concept of what real freedom is. And you criticize someone who does, claiming they need to know what they are talking about.

Go ahead, Sen. McCain. Call me a “Wacko Bird”. Those of us who you criticize like this don’t mind. We know it’s part of your freedom of speech (which we will keep defending until the end). It doesn’t bug us coming from a twit like you.


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