Lacey Smith


I’m a reluctant blogger, a political junkie and a passionate American.

I grew up in Southeastern Idaho and felt very much like a political insider. I was knocking on doors doing campaign long work before I could vote. I spoke at city council meetings and organized for causes I believed in. I wrote for my high school paper and made myself both quite unpopular and quite liked because of my blunt and well-researched newspaper columns. I also wrote letters to the editor. I got people talking and I loved it.

I spent two sessions as an aide in the Idaho legislature, one in the Senate at 18 and one in the House two years later. I know the Idaho system pretty inside and out.

I also worked in television in Eastern Idaho. That’s where I got my start before making a big jump to the Salt Lake market (TV’s biggest little market) after getting married.

Moving to Utah, I am now experiencing the challenges of being on the outside and figuring out a whole new system. Politics is different. The culture is different. I didn’t grow up in the system and although I still have a civic legacy here, I don’t carry my great-grandparents’ name and time has dulled their influence. In some ways, moving has made me start over.

I sat back and watched for a long time, before I felt like I had to do something. Besides trying to get more involved, I blog (more sporadically than I should) about politics, religion and anything else I think adds to the public discourse. I’m also slowly getting involved. Townhall and city council meetings, debates and local elections as well as high profile state issues are where I started in Idaho and it’s where I’m finding my feet in Utah.

I’m a fierce libertarian who thinks freedom is the best form of government and very little is worth giving that up. My views are open to evolution, but I find myself leaning more and more towards less and less government the more I learn. I’ve happily embraced the title of “almost an anarchist” (which every time I type, I have to double check to make sure I’m not almost an antichrist). Freedom starts in the homes and in the cities and it’s grassroots, bottom up.

I’m 100% sure that our city and counties have too much power and that we’re not doing a good job of teaching people a freedom culture. I’m doing my best to help change that.

While you can find my heavy political and philosophical views here, I’ve also got a personal blog, which takes a turn towards the alternative and focuses more on my family, faith and “hippie” lifestyle as a seeming total contradiction. You can find all that goodness at Confessions of a Conservative, Mormon, Hippie.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Please click the little “subscribe” button to get updates every time I post! Every time someone subscribes, an angel gets their own copy of the Constitution. I personally guarantee it 😉


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