Lacey Smith

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Lacey Smith

RightsAndReason’s founder and the driving force behind the site, Lacey has been in politics for “all her life” and been writing even longer. She credits the 2000 Bush-Gore election excitement for taking a parent-driven interest in politics and creating an environment where she could take ownership in the political world.

By the time she could vote, Lacey had worked on about a half dozen political campaigns, spent a day as an honorary county commissioner (where she faced a controversy over the county building’s floor), organized a group of young people opposing a special interest alcohol exemption and went toe-to-toe with the city council on this and other issues, and learned how to write an excellent letter to the editor.

Lacey began her “professional” media career with her junior high yearbook and then worked on her public high school newspaper writing a political philosophy column called Wide Angle. After high school, Lacey briefly attended BYU-Idaho and began her paid career at a local television station. Lacey currently works full time at a television station in Salt Lake.

She credits her home schooling upbringing for her strong work ethic, career success and principles-driven life.

Lacey lives with her husband, Mack, and their toddler daughter they call “Monkey” in Bountiful, Utah.

Tobin Gardner

Tobin is the “everyday man” of the group. Having only recently gotten involved in the political scene, Tobin has thrown himself into learning everything he can about self-governance and personal freedom. Tobin is committed to presenting an honest account of his personal journey as he educates himself about what it means to be free.

Tobin credits Connor Boyack’s book Latter-day Liberty for really lighting the spark for him when it comes to politics. Since finishing that book, Tobin’s been collecting political and economic books since, faster than he can read them.

Tobin loves the outdoors and is a self-described preparedness geek. He’s been a licensed amateur (ham) radio operator since 2001.

Tobin works for a large brokerage firm, obtaining the very difficult Series 7, 63, and 66 licenses in his seven years there. In the course of his work, Tobin regularly sees and deals with the overreach of federal government.

Born and raised in Utah, Tobin, his wife and their three children currently live in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Robert Hawk

Robert is one of RightsAndReason’s tech gurus and brings a large breath of knowledge to the site. Initially a reluctant participant, Robert was drawn to the project by curiosity and prompting and quickly became excited by this project.

Robert was homeschooled when he was younger which is when he got introduced to the process of government. In a homeschool “field trip”, his family toured the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City where he was fascinated by a debate in the house.

When he was 12, Robert joined the Civil Air Patrol, the volunteer auxiliary of the US Air Force. This gave him ample opportunities to observe government bureaucracy from the inside and opened up opportunities to tour various agencies in Washington, D.C. including the national capitol, the State Department, the Organization of American States and the CIA. He considers himself “fairly good” at navigating the bureaucratic mess that is the federal government.

Robert brings military insight to the group, having spent two years in the Air Force ROTC, but was dismissed from the program for medical reasons. This has prevented him from any further military service, but Robert still has many friends who are currently officers in various capacities in several service branches. He get insights about many current events from these military friends which brings a depth to his understanding and to RightsAndReason.

Robert has his CCW permits from two states. He says he tries “to maintain fighting efficiency on each of my weapons.” Robert is a “major advocate” of gun rights AND of proper training on the use of firearms – especially the use of such for self-defense.

Robert is a professional computer programmer and is currently living in Provo, Utah where he is pursuing a degree at Brigham Young University.

Ana Lau

Bio coming soon

Gerard Howells

Bio coming soon


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