Lacey Smith

George Washington Debate

To view the debate, click on the image. It will open in another window. Click on it again and it will zoom in to where you can see it.


  1. […] George Washington Debate […]

  2. Quite the debate you sparked, Missy. Way to stand up for your beliefs. While I prefer to vote still (and I have and will continue to vote by write-in when I feel the option is to vote for a “lesser of two evils”), I applaud your conviction and your decision to act according to your principles. If there is one thing that I have learned over and over in life, it is that people offer what you expect of them. I absolutely believe that if we expect our leaders to demonstrate greatness and George Washington-levels of character and principle, they will give it to us. But we have been brainwashed out of believing that anyone, including George Washington, could ever attain those levels, and so we have become a generation of people who are willing to accept the lesser of two evils because we no longer believe there is any alternative.

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